How I Organize My Passion Planner

I’m a bit of a planner addict. 

I love flipping through new planners at the store. I love buying new planners (unfortunately for my husband). 

I love bringing new planners home for the first time. I love planning out how I will use new planners and putting my “big” dates into them. I love washi tape and highlighters and stickers and color-coded pens and basically anything that pertains to a planner (and could also cost me money)!

It’s a little weird; I know. 

My new favorite is the Passion Planner! Have you tried it? If not, you should!

The thing I like about the Passion Planner is that it’s very “grown up” feeling. It’s sleek and durable. And the inside makes you look like a total organization boss. 

So, I decided to show y’all how I’ve been using my planner! I’ve also stuck with the same planner for the entire year (which shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is)! 

Alright, here we go!

A tour of my Passion Planner


So, first of all, I love color! I am a big fan of anything brightly-colored. I love Lilly. I love the beach. I am a total sucker for anything written in rainbow letters (what am I, 5?). I am totally crazy about color! And the traditional Passion Planner is black. 

However, I have found that (with all that other color going on), I really like the black! My planner is never drawing attention to itself in meetings. It’s never too “flashy” or distracting. I feel totally comfortable getting it out at work. 

Plus, it’s durable enough to live in my work bag (which is not an easy task)! 

I used Post-It tabs to give me quick access to “This Week” “Next Week”, “This Month” and “Next Month”. I like how the overall simplicity of this planner leaves a lot of room for creativity and personalization! 

Inside Cover

Something that’s kind of cool about this planner is that it gives you suggestions for what to write where. You can totally ignore those if you want. Or you can choose to write everything that the planner suggests that you write. I choose to write everything that the planner suggests that I write. 

On the inside cover, it suggests that I write my favorite quotes. So I wrote… you guessed it… Favorite quotes! 

Passion Roadmap 

This is the coolest part of the planner and was the selling point for me! The Passion Roadmap! A place to write out your goals for the next few years and break them down into achievable steps! 

You write out your Lifetime goals, 3 year goals, 1 year goals, and 3 month goals. Then, under each monthly view AND each weekly view, there is a place for you to list tiny, achievable steps to get you to that goal!

Monthly View

The Monthly View section is another one of my favorite parts of this planner! I like that it has room for a “work focus” and “personal focus”. I also like that it has a “work to do list” and a “personal to do list”. 

Because, sometimes, some of us (*ahem* me) need help remembering that work and personal are two different parts of life. 

Weekly View 

The Weekly view is what keeps me feeling really organized! I love it because it has TIME SLOTS which are so awesome for planning! They also keep me from over-scheduling or double-booking myself. You can’t write two things in the same time slot, after all! 

Monthly Reflection

For me, this is what separates this planner from others. It adds a journaling aspect that most planners don’t have. Which turns into a great tool to use for planning for the future, but also for reflecting on the past. 
In grown-up world, “reflecting” is such a HUGE part of professional development. Presenters ask you to reflect. Your boss asks you to reflect. Your co-workers ask you to reflect. You ask yourself to reflect. So, it’s a really great adult, professional habit to get into, if you aren’t doing it already! 

Blank Pages 

Usually, I’m guilty of not using the “notes” pages in the back of a planner because I’m always over-analyzing how I will use it and waiting for the perfect thing to write back there. 

Knowing that I’ll carry it around all year usually makes me very selective about what I write. 

However, there are SO many pages in the Passion Planner that I don’t feel like they have to be that orchestrated. I’ve saved a lot of random thoughts back there, which is what it’s for!

Here are some things that I’ve used the blank pages for:

  • Travel Journal 
  • Church Notes
  • Packing Lists
  • Cleaning Schedule (my husband is totally laughing right now)
  • Party Planning
  • Landscaping Ideas

Graph Paper

In high school, I HATED graph paper (unless I was using markers to fill in the squares with pretty colors). 

However, now that I’m an adult, the graph paper section is my favorite. Why? Because it’s perfect for MAKING LISTS! And everything lines up perfectly! 

And I am a big fan of list-making and having things lined up perfectly! 

So, I really hope you enjoyed this planner tour! 

I’ve been using it since January and I am really determined to finish the year strong! They also have planners for the academic year (August-July), which is probably what I’ll get next year! 

Do you have a Passion Planner or a bullet journal? If so, what kinds of ways have you thought of to use it? And what are some of your favorite lists to make? (list-obsessed here)


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