Best 2020 Planners

It's time for 2020 planners! Ahh… all those fresh, new possibilities. The fresh packages of color-coded pens. The cute stickers. The goal-setting. I cannot even begin to describe how excited this season makes me! I’m so excited to share my favorite 2020 planners this year with you!! Here we go!  Emily Ley Simplified Planner | $48… Continue reading Best 2020 Planners


Best Academic Planners for 2017-2018

Even though I’m an adult living in adult-world, I’m still a teacher, which means that I still use academic planners! They just work so much better for my life than a traditional January-December spread would. Right now, I’m using a pretty Karen Adams Designs agenda. I still have my Passion Planner, but I’m not using… Continue reading Best Academic Planners for 2017-2018


How I Organize My Passion Planner

I'm a bit of a planner addict. I love flipping through new planners at the store. I love buying new planners (unfortunately for my husband). I love bringing new planners home for the first time. I love planning out how I will use new planners and putting my "big" dates into them. I love washi tape and highlighters… Continue reading How I Organize My Passion Planner


A Look Inside Organized Charm’s New Etsy Shop!

Last week, I made a pretty big announcement. Who decides to throw an Etsy shop into the mix with finals rapidly approaching? And not just normal finals... but the culmination of one's graduate school career? Oh, that would be me. No big deal.And even though it has been a lot of work to get everything… Continue reading A Look Inside Organized Charm’s New Etsy Shop!


Tips for Keeping an Academic Planner

Planners are one of those things that are just essential to life! Whether you choose to go digital with an app, use the Cloud with your computer, or you like the old fashioned paper planner... effective studying comes from effective time management and planning. Personally, I am all about paper planners! I have tried and… Continue reading Tips for Keeping an Academic Planner


Inside My Wedding Planner

I am so excited to be celebrating my three-year anniversary with my husband today! I remember our wedding like it was yesterday: The cake. The flowers. The music. The dress. The endless e-mails. The weekly emotional breakdown followed by “let’s just forget the wedding and get married today.” But do you want to know what… Continue reading Inside My Wedding Planner