Best Pandora Stations for Studying

If you are like me, you have to have music to get absolutely anything accomplished. I cannot clean my house without it. I cannot exercise without it. I cannot work without it. And I cannot study without it. I currently have 85 Pandora stations and counting.

Okay, fine. It may be up to 100 now. Don’t judge. 

The problem with music and studying is that it tends to be a distraction. I mean, if I’m trying to read the world’s most boring text book (which is Today’s Mathematics 12th Edition, in case you were wondering), I can’t have Rihanna telling me that she’ll drink to that.

No, Rihanna. You would drink because of that. 

So, in my true OCD fashion, I researched some of the best kinds of music to listen to while studying. The answer: Instrumental songs with a low number of beats per minute. 
After some exploring on Pandora, here are some of my favorite stations that I’ve found so far…
Obviously, this station was put together to help people study. It’s great because it plays classical covers of songs that are currently on the radio. It is not over the top, it is not distracting, just great (and enjoyable) background music for reading and working!

Jazz Radio.
I love jazz SO much! And there are like 47 different sub genres of jazz on Pandora. Let me clarify that this station plays the kind of music that you would hear in a swanky hotel lobby or at a Gossip Girl-esque brunch. The music is relaxing but just upbeat enough to keep me working.

Ocean Waves for Deep Sleep.
Yes, I am aware that the title of this station might be confusing (I mean, we’re already struggling to stay awake while studying) but this is seriously one of my favorite stations! It’s great for creative thinking… In fact, I’m listening to it right now!

Let me just say that I would never have thought to listen to this kind of music if I had not read that this station was put together specifically for studying! This is what I listen to if I have serious work to do on a project. It is just enough noise to keep your brain focused.

The Piano Guys.
You know how sometimes at weddings you hear really beautiful classical versions of popular songs? And it just sounds so cool and refreshing because you recognize the song YET it’s still appropriate for the situation because it’s instrumental? I love that! And when that happens, it’s probably these guys.

 Well, of course, I had to include some Baby-Einstein-ish music! This station mixes in other composers but nothing too ominous-sounding ever comes on it. Which is great, because I really don’t want it to sound like someone’s chasing me while I’m doing research (on Pinterest).

Finally, this is my favorite station for stressful days (why yes, that is every day for me). If I am feeling overly anxious on my way to work or school (hello, Exam Week), this is the station I turn to. It is just the best! It really does remind me of the music they play during massages. Which reminds me…

Bring on Finals Season 🙂
Are there any specific stations you listen to help you focus?

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