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Life-Changing Supplies for First-Year Teachers

(This post contains affiliate links) Being a first-year teacher can be scary. Before I stepped into my first solo classroom, I remember thinking things like, "What am I going to do with all those kids ALL day long?" "What if they don't listen to me?" and "Who thought it was a good idea to let… Continue reading Life-Changing Supplies for First-Year Teachers


Distance Learning Tips for Teachers

Three weeks ago, "Distance Learning" was a phrase most of us had never heard of, much less considered. Now? Teachers can hardly open their emails, scroll through Instagram, or click on a website without being flooded with resources for Distance Learning. The resources are helpful, they really are... until they aren't. Therefore, major problem right… Continue reading Distance Learning Tips for Teachers


Best Time Management App List 2020

Finding the best time management apps can be a challenge. Every one has a different ideas of what "works" and what's "effective." When I look for a time management app, whether it's a daily routine app or a calendar, I look for something to keep me on task, send me reminders, and you know... look… Continue reading Best Time Management App List 2020


Best Teacher Gifts Under $25

Teacher gifts can be challenging. Whether your child’s teacher’s birthday is coming up, or you’re a teacher participating in Secret Santa, it’s always tough to know what others will like. If you’re looking to get a little more creative than the traditional Starbucks gift card (and support small business), then here are some of the… Continue reading Best Teacher Gifts Under $25


5 Steps to Keep Your Closets Organized

Everything in my house is organized. Totally and completely organized. The bookcase in the office? Organized. The shelves in the laundry room? Organized. The kitchen cabinets? Yep, you can look there. They're organized (for now). But then there are *dun dun dun* the closets. Closets are a blessing and a curse at the same time. On one… Continue reading 5 Steps to Keep Your Closets Organized


Classroom Routines & Systems

Classroom management is one of my favorite parts of teaching! When all the routines and systems are running smoothly, the whole classroom feels happier and more energetic. Having concrete classroom routines is what allows us to be more spontaneous throughout the day, have more teachable moments, and really build community and relationships! Classroom systems that… Continue reading Classroom Routines & Systems


How I Organize My Teacher Lesson Planner

This is our in-service week, which means planning for all the things!! In my post about My Lesson Planning Process, I explained how I plan each week. Today, I wanted to show you how I keep it all together! My lesson planners from last year and the year beforeEvery school is different. When I taught in… Continue reading How I Organize My Teacher Lesson Planner