Introducing: Organized Charm Playrooms

I have some exciting news!

I started a business! Organized Charm Playrooms! Read on to find out more details!

If you’ve been reading this blog for longer than 20 seconds, it’s pretty obvious that I love to organize. Why is organization so important? Because our brains crave order.

The environment around us, whether that be our home, dorm room, classroom, or workspace, has a constant, direct, subconscious impact on our thoughts and actions all of the time.

Why is that a big deal? Because we all want to improve on something and setting up our environments correctly can be the key to our success.

For example, in Atomic Habits, James Clear gives the example of setting up your environment to tell you that you’re a runner if you want to start running. You leave your running shoes by the door, set out your water bottle the night before, so that when you get ready to run, your environment cues you to engage in the action you want.

When we go to a store, whether that’s Target or a grocery store, the environment is carefully laid out to cue us to spend more time and make more impulse buys. Target uses everything from Color Theory to music to lighting to even the spacing between items to (lovingly) manipulate our brains into behaving in the way they want us to behave!

All this to say, ENVIRONMENT IS CRITICAL! Children and adults respond to our environment.

So when we look at the spaces that we prepare for our children, let’s ask ourselves, is this space carefully and thoughtfully laid out in a way to cue the child to do what I want him/her to do? If I want my child to clean up each night, does the environment set them up for success? Do they have a manageable amount of toys to clean? Is it clear where those things go? Does this room send the message that it’s worth keeping clean?

Classrooms are the same way. If we want our children to engage in smooth, efficient routines, have we set up the environment for success? Do they have supplies in an easily-accessible place? Is the environment comfortable enough for them to really dive into concentration in an activity, or are there distracting elements like too much wall clutter or uncomfortable room temperature?

So I started to research the role of environment and learned that there are so many small changes we can make to our spaces that will help our children engage in more successful behaviors both at home and at school.

And that’s what Organized Charm Playrooms is all about! I have started offering services setting up children’s spaces to help them (and you) succeed!


Is it only for children?

My main area of expertise is educational environment, whether that’s preschool or college! The design elements that cue positive behavior are largely the same, just the items will be different. So the answer is, anyone who learns/studies in their environment can benefit from this service!

Is it only local?

There are three types of design services:

  1. Full-Service design
  2. E-Design
  3. Consultation

The Full-Design service is mainly available locally (meaning Memphis and surrounding areas). However, I have traveled for these projects! Travel costs would apply.

E-Design is available for anyone anywhere in the world (isn’t technology amazing?)! You fill out a comprehensive questionnaire, we meed virtually, and I put together a design plan and clickable shopping list for you to implement at your own pace!

The Consultation service is available in-person or virtually. This is focused on parents, educators, or school leaders. It includes you sharing photos/videos of the spaces you need help with and then a virtual meeting, where we’ll discuss your pain points and solutions. This is perfect for school leaders who already have a million things on their plates and are also tasked with making facilities updates to their campuses.

What kinds of projects have you done so far?

  • Children’s Bedroom
  • Children’s Playrooms
  • Children’s Art Rooms
  • Preschool Classrooms
  • Elementary Classrooms
  • Middle School Classroom
  • Teacher Training Workshop
  • Toy Edit/Toy Rotation Setup
  • School Facilities Consultation

What is the most important things people should know about your process?

I always start with routines and systems. Clients have been surprised that I don’t walk in and immediately start organizing. Instead, I have them walk me through a typical day in this space. Function is key. Sure, I could come in and arrange things in a pretty way, but if I didn’t start with the functionality that YOU need in YOUR space, the space won’t work for YOU! Each design and organization system is 100% unique because it is specifically tailored to the individual/family/organization.

Do you provide basic organization services like pantries or garages?

Organized Charm Playrooms is 100% geared toward children and educational facilities, so we don’t (and don’t plan to) do any residential work for “adults.” Buuut, a playful workspace for adults? That’s a whole other ballgame! 🙂

Impact on Global Education

On a final note, 10% of all income generated by Organized Charm Playrooms is donated to Homes of Hope-India. This organization is literally building schools for orphaned girls in small villages all around India. I have felt so drawn to supporting a program like this for years and, when I found Homes of Hope India, I knew that this was the organization I want to connect with OC!

While setting up children’s environments for success is critical to their wellbeing, happiness, and independence, we know that there are children all around the world who don’t even have safe places in which to live/learn. When you work with Organized Charm, not only do you set up the children in your own life for success, but you contribute to the life-changing work that Homes of Hope India is doing for children across the globe!

Are you interested in working together or learning more? Fill out the Inquiry form and let’s schedule a time to chat about your needs!

Thank you!



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