FlyLady App Review

Have you heard of FlyLady? She has some crazy good ideas about how to keep your house clean.
College Kirsten: “But what loser cares that much about keeping their house clean?”
Grown-Up Kirsten: *slowly raises hand*
I really love her advice because she creates little daily routines, and I love few things more than a good routine! However, the only problem I ever had with her system was that keeping up with it was a little difficult.
I tried to write it all in my planners. I tried to add it all to my phone reminders. Most recently, I tried to print it in Word documents as checklists. And then, I found it (ha-llelujah!): The FlyLady App! What’s so great about it? I’ll show you!


First of all, it’s free. I hate it when you’re trying out a new app, that you don’t know whether or not it will work for you, and you have to PAY to find out! Since this is free, you’re free to download it, try it, and discard it if it doesn’t fit your needs!

Closet Organization Solutions


By far, my favorite section! This is what the FlyLady system is all about: making cleaning part of your daily routine, instead of a big dreadful chore. She has three daily routines already set out for you: Morning, Afternoon, and After Dinner.
Then there is a routine for the Weekly Home Blessing Hour, which are just chores that you need to get done weekly (vacuuming, cleaning windows, etc.). You can do this one all at once, or knock out these tasks throughout the week.
You can also delete these routines and add your own!


The “Zones” are another idea that’s strictly FlyLady. She divides every home into five zones: Entrance & Dining, Kitchen, Bathroom & Guest Room & Office, Master Bedroom & Bathroom, Living Room/Den.
Obviously, you can change your house into whatever five zones work best for you! And again, under the Zones, you can still add/delete checklists as needed. The idea is to hit each of these areas about once a month with a full-on cleaning!

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Agenda & Timer

Aside from the Routines & Zones, I don’t really use the app for much else. The Agenda and Timer features are just like the stock Calendar and Clock apps on your phone. I do like the way the timer shows you how much time you have left.
The Agenda features imports whatever is already in your calendar, so it can be handy to have it all in one place!

How the Reminders App Can Organize Your Whole Life
Because I can’t seem to clean my house unless there’s an elaborate checklist involved, FlyLady and her “bite-sized” cleaning ways are perfect for me!
Maybe they’ll be perfect for you, too! J

Have you ever tried FlyLady before? What did you think: easy or hard? Are there any cleaning systems or apps you can’t live without? 

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