FlyLady App Review

Have you heard of FlyLady? She has some crazy good ideas about how to keep your house clean.College Kirsten: “But what loser cares that much about keeping their house clean?” Grown-Up Kirsten: *slowly raises hand*I really love her advice because she creates little daily routines, and I love few things more than a good routine!… Continue reading FlyLady App Review


How to Make Your Perfect Summer Schedule

Summer’s here! Yay! But summer also comes along with a lot of free time and a lack of desire to do anything productive. Boo! Some people live for the summer months, when work or school (or both) slow down and get a little relaxed. Even in college, the summer classes were (usually) WAY easier than the fall and… Continue reading How to Make Your Perfect Summer Schedule


How to Get More Done Everyday

There are a lot of things to like about the month of December. Christmas, for example. And Christmas music. And Christmas lights... and stockings and... SANTA! But if I had to choose one December thing that I could do without, it would be the cold weather!Cold weather and I do not get along. And neither… Continue reading How to Get More Done Everyday


Note Organization Checklist

Keeping up with class notes can literally get a little messy sometimes. I didn't start rewriting mine until my junior year of college when my Landforms professor mentioned it... but ever since then, my newly-rewritten, color-coded notes have acted as study guides for upcoming quizzes, tests, and exams! So, knowing exactly where to find what information… Continue reading Note Organization Checklist


3 Ways to Form Study Habits

Sometimes it’s easy to make yourself sit down and do some schoolwork (like when your assignment is due tomorrow) and other times, you kind of need a little boost of motivation to sit down and get started on it. That doesn’t mean that you’re a slacker, or lazy, or a bad student. It’s hard for… Continue reading 3 Ways to Form Study Habits


Clear to Neutral

So, this has been one of my long-standing favorite efficiency/productivity/organization rules of all time! It’s called… you guessed it… Clear to Neutral! The cool thing about this rule is that it’s just so simple. And once you begin to notice and practice it, it basically becomes a habit! Not only that, but it is super… Continue reading Clear to Neutral


Post-It Calendar System

Let me introduce you to my newest system for keeping up with assignments (and other day-to-day life tasks, in general)! This is my Post-It Calendar System slash Command Center slash The “Hub” of our daily lives! I have always, always had a difficult time finding and sticking to a calendar system in my home because:  … Continue reading Post-It Calendar System


Crash Course on Exercise and Studying

We all know the health benefits of daily exercise. BUT did you know that its also beneficial to your grades?! Yep. It’s true. At least, according to a bunch of articles I’ve been reading lately. But do you know what? Whenever I’m feeling caught up in a big project, the first thing I cut out of my day… Continue reading Crash Course on Exercise and Studying