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Dot Journaling Planning System + a GIVEAWAY!

I’m a sucker for a book on organizing. Or planning. Or both.  Have you ever tried to make a bullet journal? (Or, if you’re like me, you’ve just filled up an entire Pinterest board with bujo inspiration instead).  I’m always attracted to the ongoing list/journaling of bullet journals and that everything is personalalized. Everything is… Continue reading Dot Journaling Planning System + a GIVEAWAY!


List of Lists to Keep in Your Planner

Lists are the best, aren’t they? They can give you information, help you clear your mind, and (most importantly) they look so lovely! I would say about 80% of my “Planner Ideas” board on Pinterest consists of lists to keep in my planner. (Speaking of planners, it’s time to order a new academic planner- YAY!)… Continue reading List of Lists to Keep in Your Planner


High School Study Tips

I spend a lot of time focusing on college study tips, and that is really important that we take the time to remember our OC babies! Homework, study hall, drivers ed, curfews, and the potential to get grounded. That’s right, this post is all about studying in high school! Plan Ahead.First and foremost, I’ll start this post… Continue reading High School Study Tips


Good Habits for College Classes

Class. To go or not to go? That usually seems to be the question. I mean, we know that  it’s probably best to go… but the freedom of not having to be there is just so tempting sometimes.  Plus, there is always so much to do. Occasionally, we're just positive that we could be more productive if… Continue reading Good Habits for College Classes


May & June Reader Questions

Here are some reader questions that I received in May and June that I think might benefit you, too! Enjoy!! :DQ: Through last few years I've been constantly coming back to idea of starting a blog... I did read through your post about how to start a blog.. and I know my content, I also know what I… Continue reading May & June Reader Questions


Introducing, the OC Academic Planner!

Y'all! I am so excited about this! I have been working so, so hard to get this together for you and it's finally happened. I have created THE academic planner that I wish I had in college. 100% ideal! This will officially be available on Friday, June 26th. I'll have a limited quantity of paper copies… Continue reading Introducing, the OC Academic Planner!


5 Ways to Make Your Planner Pretty!

Planners. You love them. I love them. And seriously, what would we do without them? They keep us on track, on time (mostly), and productive!But just because they're a productivity tool, doesn't mean they can't also be pretty!(You may also want to take a look at 23 Tips for Keeping an Academic Planner)Making your planner happy and pretty… Continue reading 5 Ways to Make Your Planner Pretty!


Planner Review: May Designs

I was recently asked to review my May Designs planner. (um... that only sounds like the most fun ever). So here it is! I've only been using the planner for a couple of months, but I have really gotten into the rhythm of using it daily, which is something I always worry about when switching… Continue reading Planner Review: May Designs


Is Your Planner System Working Best for YOU?

Last weekend, my family and I drove to Savannah for a super amazing wedding. My parents rode with me and my husband in our car, and as soon as my mom and I got in the backseat, we found my 2014 planner. I had forgotten it was back there but LOVED having an opportunity to… Continue reading Is Your Planner System Working Best for YOU?