13 Surprising Statistics About Teaching

Hi Kirsten! I am a freshman in college and am an elementary education major. I am trying to decide which grade I want to teach, and I want to learn more about the whole process!  - - - What a great question and super exciting time of life! I knew from the beginning that I … Continue reading 13 Surprising Statistics About Teaching

5 Steps to Keep Your Closets Organized

Everything in my house is organized. Totally and completely organized. The bookcase in the office? Organized. The shelves in the laundry room? Organized. The kitchen cabinets? Yep, you can look there. They're organized (for now). But then there are *dun dun dun* the closets. Closets are a blessing and a curse at the same time. On one … Continue reading 5 Steps to Keep Your Closets Organized