Tips for Student Teaching

I recently received an email from a super sweet teaching student, who just happens to attend the same school I went to! She is starting her student teaching this Fall and looking for tips! 

Any tips for those of us going into Junior semester 2 that will start student teaching in the fall?

Well… of course I have advice for that! Here it is 🙂 

Have a Good Relationship with Your Mentor Teacher
First of all, keep in mind that you may or may not have a great relationship with your mentor teacher. It’s kind of a tricky situation from both sides. You’re coming into a classroom that he/she has probably worked in for years. Your mentor teacher has a preferred style of teaching, disciplining, routines/systems, classroom management, parent communication, etc. You’ll have your own ideas about classroom management, the kinds of lessons you want to do etc. 

Listen to your mentor teacher, watch what they do (especially when it comes to classroom management). You’ll learn so much more from him/her than you do in class! But keep in mind that it’s probably been a while since he/she was in college. You’ll have new, fresh, innovative ideas based on the most current research, so you’re a valuable resource to your mentor teacher, too! It’s all about balance, respect, communication, and having a good relationship 🙂

Focus on Classroom Management
Speaking of classroom management, that will probably be your biggest challenge, especially if you’re student teaching in a public school. It can be hard. You will probably cry a few times, and that’s ok! I would definitely, DEFINITELY recommend this website: Smart Classroom Management. Just go to it and read as many posts as you can! Also, pick up the book Teach Like a Champion, and start with the chapters on classroom management. I’m about to start my 8th year of teaching, and I still read/reread it frequently! 

Also, this post may help you once you’re in the trenches of the semester: Encouragement for First Year Teachers

Balance Your Time
Organized Charm is a great resource for you (and I’m not just saying that!), particularly the “Studying” section. I wrote it while I was in grad school and student teaching or teaching full time. Every system that I used was designed to keep me on the right track between my education, professional life, and personal life. I wrote every post based on what worked for me so that others could benefit from my trial and error! 

from @mrshenryinfirst
Become Part of the Instagram Teacher Community
Now that I’m out of school, I’m focusing my attention on sharing routines/systems, etc. that have helped me stay organized in the classroom! I will be adding more to the “Teaching” section of OC! I also started a teaching Instagram @organizedcharm, if you want to check out those things! 🙂 

Take Risks and Have Fun!
Most importantly, this is your time to figure out what you like/don’t like. What works/doesn’t work in the classroom. Get to know your students. Enjoy every minute! December will be here before you know it and you’ll miss those kids like crazy when you finish your semester! 

Do you have any advice for student teachers? Or do you have advice for anyone preparing to have a student teacher in his/her classroom? Add your advice in the comments below! 

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