How to Style Kitchen Shelves

In our kitchen, we have these really fantastic shelves from Restoration Hardware. I love them because they add a rustic, farmhouse-y feel (without the cost of a renovation- yay!).

However, the problem with any kind of surface in a house is that it can eventually attract the most dreaded of all things… clutter.

Our shelves slowly got stocked with baguettes that were too long for the pantry, produce, and every glass container we owned. I found myself getting annoyed at the sight of them and their contents. So the other morning, before my 10:00 doctor appointment, I decided to do something about them!

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If you have some shelves that are out of control, too… here’s how you can make them pretty and organized again 🙂 

Step 1 | Remove EVERYTHING from the Shelves

I took down every little baguette, book, and bowl. I just LOVE the way that surfaces look when they’re empty and free of clutter! This allowed me to see the exact amount of space available and to try my best to recapture the feeling of openness!

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Step 2 | Dust

While you’ve got all that stuff cleared off the surface, you might as well dust it, right? Two birds with one stone, as they say.

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Step 3 | Categorize Decorative Pieces

This is one of the most helpful ways to restyle a space. Choose whatever categories work best for you and the items! Sometimes, I categorize by height or overall size, sometimes by color.
When I took the items off of this particular shelf, I noticed that they were mostly glass (makes sense because it is a kitchen!). So, I organized them by material: earth (fruits, plants) glass (mason jars, pitchers), metal (champagne bucket, watering can), wood (serving dishes, trays).
Organizing by material allowed me to create some balance on the heavy metal and wood shelves.

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Step 4 | Place Items

The fun part! Start arranging your items in groups of threes. Also, try to notice potential ways to put them together that you may not have thought of before! When I took down all of my items, I noticed I had a stack of rectangular, white serving dishes. So, I used these to hold items on the different shelves.

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Step 5 | Find Another Home for the Rest of Your Items

Just because you have an item does not mean that you have to return it to your shelves! Look for other places in your home that could benefit from a new piece! My glass pitchers looked great stacked with cookbooks on top of my fridge! A metal sculpture from these shelves gets more attention on our dining room buffet!
And of course, donate any items that just aren’t your style anymore. You don’t have to keep it all!

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Now, I feel like our shelves are light, airy, and organized. 3 words I’d use to describe my dream kitchen 🙂 

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Do you have any tips or advice for styling or restyling shelves? Share them below!! 🙂 

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