List of Lists to Keep in Your Planner

Lists are the best, aren’t they? They can give you information, help you clear your mind, and (most importantly) they look so lovely!

I would say about 80% of my “Planner Ideas” board on Pinterest consists of lists to keep in my planner. (Speaking of planners, it’s time to order a new academic planner– YAY!)

Almost every (good) planner has room for notes/lists in the back of it. However, I NEVER used them until last year. I kept thinking… “is this important enough?” “is it TOO important?”
You want it to be a list you can use all year, but you also don’t want it to contain too much personal info (such as usernames & passwords)… just in case!

Here are the lists I currently have in my planners: 

Karen Adams Agenda:

Baby Registry Items
Home Décor Shopping List
House Projects
Kindergarten Curriculum

Passion Planner:

Baby Names (Boys)
Baby Names (Girls)
Bands to See
Christmas Card List
Christmas Gift List
Gardening Map
Gift Ideas
Movies to See
Pinterest Boards
Possible Junior League Placements
Quotes I Love
Shopping List
Style Inspiration

Here are some list ideas for my upcoming planner

Yes, I already have a list of lists that I’m planning for my next planner. If that doesn’t sound crazy, I don’t know what does!
Birthday Tracker
Books to Read
Changeable Meal Plan, Meal Prep, & Shopping List
Color Coding Key
Habit Tracker
Monthly/Seasonal Bucket Lists
Movies to See
Things to be Happy About
And, of course, it’s always great to add just a pink page, like Bekka Palmer did! J

Do you keep a lot of lists in the back of your planner? Do you plan them out or just write them as they’re needed? What are some of your favorites? Share below! 🙂 


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