7 Ways to Declutter Your Life This Month

Can you believe it’s already July?

Wait. Was that dramatic enough? Let me try it again…


Is it just me or is time really flying by lately? 

People told me this would happen when I got older

I really like to think of the beginning of each new month as a fresh start and an opportunity to clear a few more things in my life to neutral. 

Since school starts back next month (yay!), I am spending July focusing on habits and developing better ones. A good rule is to have a definite “clear to neutral” action at the end of each of your daily habits/routines. 

For example: After you finish working on your computer, close all of your windows and clear any saved documents off of your desktop. 

By adding that ending task of closing windows and clearing the desktop, you are ensuring that you will be clear-headed and focused the next time you turn on your computer to get to work! (well… at least it’s a start!)

Here are the 7 Clear to Neutral habits I’m working on for the new school year!

After Using Personal Computer…

-Take action on or file any items left on desktop
-Create folders for any lingering documents/photos on desktop
-Go through folders and make subfolders if needed

After Using Wallet…

-File/Toss any old receipts 
-Clear out change
-Throw out old/used gift cards

After Using Home Work Space…

-Clear off desk
-Throw away/recycle any old papers
-Make sure all office supplies have a home (and put them there!) 

After Using Work Computer…

-Take action on any items left on desktop
-Place all documents on desktop in appropriate folder
-Create subfolders for any overcrowded folders

Before Leaving Email Inbox…

-Unsubscribe from unwanted email lists
-Delete ALL advertiser emails in inbox
-“Star” any emails that require action steps

Before Leaving Work…

-Make a “to-do” basket and put work for tomorrow in it
-Put away/toss every other item on desk
-Create tomorrow’s “to-do” list

After Doing Laundry…

-Wash, fold, organize clean items
-Put any out of season items in storage bin
-Clear off hooks/surfaces in laundry area

Those are the habits I’m working on starting in July (so that hopefully they’ll be second nature during the school year)! 

If you need help thinking of what to “clear to neutral”, use this list OR look around and find areas that are stressing you out/causing too much friction in your own life! This is a great way to give yourself a nice, fresh start to the new month! 

And give yourself a head start on keeping your life together (somewhat) once school starts back! 🙂 

What are some areas that you’re going to focus on? By the way, do you have a great system for keeping your computers clean and clutter free? (Asking for a friend). Please share all your organization secrets below! 


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