15 Things I Learned After Grad School

Oh, hi. 

SO sorry for the awkward silence lately. I started a new job in a new school that TOOK OVER MY LIIIIFE last semester. 

But I am so excited to announce that OC is back on track with new posts every Monday! Aside from acclimating to my new schedule, 2015 was a big growing year, too (responsible-sounding way of saying that I did a lot of whining). 

My first year after grad school reminded me a lot of my first year after undergrad. I guess no matter how old you are, finishing a big project can leave you feeling a little like, “okay, what’s next?”. 

Change can be tough, but it usually always makes us better/smarter/stronger, too! 

Here are some of the biggest lessons I learned in 2015:

1 | Never give up on what you’re searching for- you’ll get there. 

2 | Hard work gets noticed and it pays off. Remember that when you’re “in the trenches” and wondering if it will ever get better. 

3 | Sometimes you’re already where you need to be.

4 | If you know you can do better, keep working. 

5 | Do what you love. Life is too short to even complete that. 

6 | Not everyone will love or approve of everything you do or how you do it. Forget them. This is your thing, not theirs. 

7 | Jump in and figure out the details later. Not everything you do will turn into a huge success, nor will you want it to but at least you can say you took the opportunity. 

8 | There is something really refreshing about how our personalities evolve over time. 

9 | Promote the heck out of yourself and your work. If you know you’re good, don’t ever question yourself. 

10 | In this day and age, there is no excuse to “not know how to” do something. Google it and learn to be great.

11 | Adult life is not that scary once you start.

12 | Your family will be there even when you and your old friends start to grow apart.

13 | Excess is disgusting. If you can do without it, do without it. 

(Important exceptions: Meiomi and anything from Target’s dollar-ish section)

14 | Invest everything in those you truly care about.

15 | Do what makes you happy and there are no regrets.  

Cheers, y’all! And happy 2016! 😀

What lessons did you learn over the past year?! Share them below! 

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