5 Ways to Start a New Routine Today!

I love routines. You know why? Because routines eventually turn into habits. And habits can make or break your productivity. Over the years, I have discovered that my morning habits typically indicate my day. 

If I wake up on time, ready to go, and hit the ground running (but not literally because running in the morning is my worst nightmare) then I already feel so accomplished by 9:00! 

If I wake up late, lounge around, waste hours a little time online, then I feel blah.

The other great thing about routines is this: They boost productivity

Oh, what’s that? You love productivity? Me, too!  

OR maybe you’re someone who’s having a hard time creating or sticking to a daily routine. I have the hardest time with this whenever something in my life changes (like a work schedule, class schedule, or moving to a new home). 

Start your new routine: Take the following 5 steps today!

Write down your daily routine and post it near your workspace

You didn’t think I’d post that without a new printable did you?! Please. Yesterday, I released two new routine planner printables in Organized Charm’s Etsy shop! One for daily routines and one for weekly routines. This should make it easier to keep you on track throughout your work day or to keep up with your class schedule in the coming up semester! You might even find that you have time to throw an extra yoga class into the mix! Namaste.

Write down your weekly routine to remind you of changes

Weekly routines are the ones that are most challenging for me. If I’m doing something daily, then great! I’m doing it daily! But once a week? That’s harder. What day does the trash run again? When do I need to leave for church to make sure I don’t miss more than half of it? Posting a weekly routine can really help you out with those annoying1-2 times a week tasks! And luckily, I know just where you can find one

Clear to Neutral every time you leave a space

How does this help you get into a routine? Because it is one! CTN basically just means leaving every space the way you found it (or the way you should have found it). Clean spaces boost productivity! Plus by doing this, you’re training your brain to get into several small routines throughout the day!

Create a Time Management System

I love this system and I’ll keep preaching on it until the day I die (or at least until the day I stop writing this blog). Your life is under YOUR control (mostly) so it’s your responsibility to make sure that you have time to do all of the things you said you would do. (and to do them well). So grab a stack of index cards or Post-It’s and start writing!

Sign up for The Skimm

I can’t even tell you how many times I get online so innocently in the morning just to “catch up on the news”. 4 hours and 500 Facebook posts later, I realize that (somewhere along the way) I must have gotten distracted. The Skimm solves that problem, it sends you a Skimm’dversion of the biggest worldwide stories (aka you’ll finish reading it before you finish your first cup of coffee). Witty summaries of current events in 5 minutes or less? #yesplease

The biggest thing to remember about starting any new routine is that it requires a certain amount of discipline: eating healthier means saying no to doughnuts at the office, earning better grades means saying no to late nights during the week, and saving money means saying no to Target’s dollar spot (queue: me bursting into tears).

We will all make it to the productivity mountaintop together! 

Baby steps, my dears! Baby steps. 🙂 

Do you have any advice for starting a new habit/routine? Do you prefer to add one tiny task at a time or to just jump right in with a whole new routine? And of course, tell me what’s worked for you in the past!

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