One Lovely Blog Award


I am so, so excited to have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Dani from Dani Dearest, which is a super precious blog on WordPress! Some of my very favorite things are her goals page { might just have to steal that idea 😉 }, this paint swatch wall, and this motivation wall {which I’m totally looking around for a place to do in my home as I’m writing this}! Definitely check her blog out because it is full of creative awesomeness! And creativity. And cute ideas. And other great things!

Here are the rules for this award…

Thank the person who nominated you & include a link to their blog 
List the rules & display the award 
List seven facts about yourself 
Nominate another blogger(s) {as many as you want!} & let them know they have been nominated 
Follow the blogger who nominated you 

And here are the 7 facts about me…

1. I hate e-mail.
If e-mail were magically “uninvented” tomorrow, it would be one of the happiest days of my life. I am one of those people who opens e-mails (and texts), reads them, responds mentally, and goes along with my life. I have literally had the same e-mail sitting in my inbox for 19 days because so much time has gone by that at this point, it’s just awkward. I’m like, should I just pretend I never got it or should I respond and have that person know that it actually took me 20 days to respond to an e-mail?! Maybe I can set up an automated message that says: “Just tweet me”? That would be totally professional, right?
2. I love penguins and turtles.
These two completely random animals are definitely my faves. The penguins probably because they’re adorable. And they mate for life. And Happy Feet. You know, all the normal reasons. Turtles because they’re just so cute and slow and always needing help crossing the street! Nothing breaks my heart more than the fact that Turtle Soup is a thing. PLUS, the week we got engaged in Puerto Vallarta, Derek and I released baby sea turtles! I named mine Warrior. He named his Tiger Shark Bait. Typical.
3. I’m like the real-life Cady Heron.
The first day of Ninth Grade? Yep, totally my first day of school ever. I had to get Kindergarten shots before I went. I was home schooled from pre-k all the way through middle school. And I just wanted to be around people and get up early and take notes and complain about mean teachers (that were not my mom) and do all the things that all of my friends got to do! I loved the idea of school and the back to school shopping (obviously, I still do) and the rules and the sneaking to pass notes in class and having a consistent schedule every day! I was so happy when I finally started high school! School is so fetch!
4. I’m a vegetarian. 
Well, actually Pescetarian but vegetarian is easier to explain. I don’t eat meat that isn’t fish. I think I stopped eating red meat around 10 years ago. Slowly, I kind of just started to lose my desire for eating any white meat except chicken (because it’s nearly impossible to live in the South and not eat chicken). But then… my parents got Jane, Lizzie, and Mrs. Bennett… pet chickens! So one night at their house, they served BBQ chicken for dinner, and that was just the last straw for me. #barbarians 
5. New Orleans is my happy place.
Well, NOLA and the beach. And Italy. I have a lot of happy places, but New Orleans is the most accessible. It is my favorite of all places. It’s where I had my super-spectuacular bachelorette party! Right now, we live right next to the Memphis train station and every morning at 6:15 the train stops to pick people up on its way to the Big Easy… and I just want to be on that train! The music, the food, the architecture, the people, the shopping, the culture, the drinks! There is just no place else like it! We are planning a trip for my birthday weekend in November and I am so, so, so, so, so, so excited! Yaaaaaay!
6. When I was little, I wanted to be an architect.
Or a Marine Biologist. Or both, if my schedule allowed it (it didn’t… either did the geography). I used to spend hours of my life drawing floor plans of houses, drawing furniture into books of floor plans of houses, and best of all? Model homes! Gah, what an exciting childhood, right? It’s like I was 12 going on 40. I don’t know what it is but I still totally enjoy floor plans, and maps, and globes. Maybe because they look so organized? Or maybe it’s because they’re like new calendars: full of possibility! 
7. I have the coolest “baby brother” ever.
My brother is the best. No, really. His personality is like a mixture of Bill Murray and Kramer from Seinfeld. He recently moved to Flagstaff. to volunteer with the American Conservation Experience for 6 months… they’ve camped in Utah and California. Let me tell you this, if there was ever an antithesis of me, it’s this kid. I like the outdoors in small doses, preferably followed by a 45-minute shower. And you’ve seen the daily prioritized study list that fills up my academic planner, right? He literally wrote things like: “HIST: Start giving a s about this class”. Except he never leaves any letters out. 
And those are my 7! 🙂

I nominate Michelle from Restoration Spring!

…which is a blog all about fresh starts, makeovers, and second chances. It’s also written by the totally crazy, beekeeping, composting, gardening, hippie mother. Or as I like to call her, Kiki 🙂

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