April Vignettes

Can y’all believe that April is almost over?! I absolutely cannot. Seriously, where did it go? 
I hope y’all had a wonderful month and got a lot of organizing done! We were super busy with apartment hunting, moving, schoolwork, and traveling. However, I did manage to get a couple of projects finished! 

Here is what my April looked like:

On Organized Charm:

Organized Charm reached its 100th post! YAY! It also started on its first sponsored post campaign with McGraw-Hill’s SmartBook. In addition to those posts, here are some other ones that went up in April
Class Folder Organization is all about how to simplify and organize your folders for class. Check out Note Taking 101 for ways to stay focused in class and take notes you’ll remember better! For OC’s 100th post, I gathered up 100 of my favorite motivational posts and shared them with y’all to celebrate! 
And Closet Organization Solutions is like a little roundup of my favorite tips for organizing overflowing closets! And Top 10 Organizing Blogs is a roundup of my favorite organizing blogs!

In my “real” life:

We traveled to Austin. Twice. The first time, my husband convinced me to take a spontaneous road trip .
Ok, I never do anything spontaneous. I didn’t even have time to make a list! And even though there was no real plan, we still had an amazing time! 
Because the drive was so long (10 hours!) we planned a trip and flew back a couple of weeks later to spend more time in the city!

Other cool places online:

As always, I was all over the internet checking out a ton of apps and websites and… y’all… I found some super cool stuff! 
I’ve been hearing about Happify for a while now but I never actually tried it until this week. OMG, why had I not done this before?! It’s amazing! 
When you create your account, it gives you a quick little quiz and then assesses what is holding you back from being happier. Then it gives you a growth track of 3 activities a day to work on getting happier! Shockingly (that’s my sarcasm font), I am on the track for Handling Stress Better
This is a free website/app combination and I would recommend it to everyone!
The Muse is full of SO MUCH good advice that it makes me sad to know I’ll never be able to read it all! Here is a screen shot of the website’s homepage! I’ve been getting updates from The Daily Muse, which is their blog and it is absolutely full of some of the best career (and life) advice you’ll ever read! 

If you have kids, run (don’t walk) to download Keepy. First of all, it is free. Secondly, it allows you a digital way to save kids’ creations without actually having to save their creations! 
I love my Kindergarteners and I love it when they give me sweet cards and pictures but I get overwhelmed with what to do with it all! You create a little profile for each child, and then upload their artwork/Lego creations/crazy outfits! 
Best of all?! They can RECORD A STORY over the picture and everything gets saved to Dropbox!

I Instagrammed a photo from our Austin trip and “americayall” liked it. Cool name, right? So I checked it out. 
o. m. g. Coolest blog ever. It is just this awesome adventurous couple doing all of these awesome adventurous things! 
Kind of like the Austinite version of Classy Girls Wear Pearls. If you like traveling, outdoorsy stuff, or awesome photography, check it out!
So, that’s how my month went! Not a TON of organizing (or blogging, obviously) but definitely a lot of fun things!

How was your April?! Have you already checked out any of these apps/websites? If so, which ones do you love the most? 

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