Freebie Printable: Weekly To-Do List & Progress Tracker

Today is an exciting day in the world of Organized Charm…
 I have created my very first printable and I am oh-so-excited to introduce it to y’all!
Earlier this week, I discussed how I organize my planner. One of the very most important parts of my planner is the the repurposed Meal Planning section that is now dedicated to my weekly school assignments. 
But you know what I realized? Unless you have the exact same planner that I have, you don’t have those sheets for keeping up with your weekly assignments.
Until now 🙂

Here are 16 weeks (a whole semester) of Weekly Assignment Lists! 
They are nearly exactly like mine, except that I added a couple of extra little things!
(so now, I actually like them better than mine)

Here is what they include and how I would choose to organize them:

Fill in the dates of each new academic week. 
Main Goal
Look at your week and state your BIG GOAL for the week. Maybe a to start on a big upcoming project or researching a major topic…
I left this section blank so that you can start your new academic week on whatever day works out  best for you. This semester, everything I have is due on Thursdays, so I’m starting new projects and readings on Fridays and Thursdays are my day to have it all complete. If you think better doing the more traditional Sun-Sat or Mon-Sun, you can do that, too! It’s all up to you!
This is where I put each and every little task that I need to have complete by the end of the week. Sometimes, I break down my assignments into the different days I want to work on them and sometimes I just fill it in continually, depending on what I didn’t get finished on the previous day.
Kind of the most important part. Yet, somehow, this is the thing that always seems to be left off of to-do lists! WRITE DOWN YOUR PROGRESS! How much time did you give yourself and what the heck did you do with it? This section holds you accountable for how you spend your time.
Finally, I added some of my favorite little motivational phrases at the bottom. If you keep your sheets in order, these should go along pretty well with where in the semester you are! 
(And obviously, these lists can be used for anything… not just “school” related tasks).
 I am SO EXCITED to hear about how y’all use these! 

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