NYNL Day 31: The Final Challenge

Day 31 Mini-Challenge:


Remember yesterday when I said to celebrate every accomplishment, no matter how small? Yes, finishing a series of Mini-Challenges totally counts! Hopefully, through this series, you have been able to narrow down and clearly define your plan(s) for the future. I hope that you have been able to create an effective system for making it happen and have felt motivated that you can do it!
If there was anything that was unclear for you, if you have questions, or just want to share your goals (but remember, not too much!) then feel free to do it in the comments or to send me an e-mail (or a Facebook message or a Tumblr message or a tweet). 
I love y’all for reading this. 

– – –

Thank You:

If you read this series from beginning to end, THANK YOU! If you read this series from day 30 to today, THANK YOU! If you are visiting this website and are reading about NYNL for the very first time, THANK YOU! 

Y’all are awesome and amazing and wonderful and you totally make my day! 🙂 

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