NYNL Day 17: Set Checkpoints

Start at your halfway point and work backwards! Basically, we are cutting each big task in half to make it easier to do. 
So, start at the 5-year mark aka the halfway checkpoint to your big goal
Cut the halfway point in half. 
So, where/what should be happening 2 1/2 years from now? Great! Now take that and do the same thing again. 1 year from now? Then 6 months from now? Then 1 month from now? These are going to be used as little “checkpoints” to keep us moving in the direction of our long term goals!
Here are examples from my list:

5 Year Plan: Moving into our “forever home”

2.5 Year Plan: Looking at properties in the area that we decide we like best

1 Year Plan: Living in loft/studio

6 Month Plan: Moving out of our house

2 Month Plan: Current house perfectly staged and accepting offers

1 Month Plan: Working hard to stage house perfectly and prep for market
Clearly, the things on this list will evolve, change, and shift over time. I mean, I really have no idea how long it will take for anything to happen. Or whether or not it will happen at all. Maybe some huge, life-changing event occurs next week and my whole entire plan gets derailed. But what if it doesn’t? If some external factor derails my plan; fine. But I don’t want to reach one of these time checkpoints and realize that I didn’t reach a goal because I just didn’t put in the work. 
Don’t freak out (like I admittedly did). These aren’t permanent or set in stone!
Just a “ballpark idea” of where you would like to be so you can start moving in the right direction now! 🙂

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