NYNL Day 10: Measuring Your Goals

Yesterday, we answered 3 simple questions for each big life goal which helped us make them super specific. 
Today, we are going to figure out a way to measure those specific goals. 
Basically, every goal you can think of has a way to be measured:

Getting a new job, moving into a nicer apartment, passing an entrance exam, reaching a certain weight, receiving a degree, running a specific distance, saving an amount of money…

There are TONS of ways to measure accomplishments!

What will you gain? What will you have? What will you be able to do?

My example from yesterday was this:

I will put aside a certain percentage of my income each month for the next 5 years to pay for the tuition of a earning a PhD which will open up more career opportunities in the future such as teaching in the classroom, working in administration, or going into educational research. 

Here is how I will measure it:

1 year from now —> Am I saving a percentage of my income to pay for future tuition?
5 years from now —> Do I have 5 years of saving built up to start school?
10 years from now —> Did I complete the program?

Think about how you will measure your “success” and hold yourself to it! 🙂


{New Year. New Life. Start at Day 1}

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