Index Card Assignment Timeline

Although this semester is (finally) coming to a close, I thought I would write one more eensy-weensy little Organized Studying post before Christmas Break. And yes, I will be jumping and screaming for joy at the thought of this semester ending! For whatever reason, I have been completely over it since, like, September.
At the beginning of the semester, when I was creating my study plan, I left out this step because I thought that I could do without it. Well… I could not have been more wrong!
And so, in mid-October (when I had 9 million assignments due in the same week and couldn’t focus on any of them), I had a meltdown. Followed by a panic attack. Followed by a plan of action.
I needed a physical way to keep up with my assignments. I needed to see what I was working on, how much I had already done, and what was coming up next. Most of all, I needed to see that there was an end to this semester!
I started out by getting some index cards, Sharpies, and my Semester Assignment Sheet. The Semester Assignment Sheet is just a sheet with the assignments from all of my classes combined. It is the ultimate time saver and a quick way to keep up with my grades!
I transferred the relevant information from each assignment onto its own index card.
On the blank side, I included: 
Due Date
Name of Project
Total Points Available
On the lined side, I included:
The specific instructions from the syllabus
(Examples: “Cover Sheet”, “Power Point”, “Reference List”)
As the semester went on, I also used the lined side to track my progress on each assignment. 
Finally, I hung the cards on a small wire on my office wall. This made it very easy for me to quickly grab the card for the project I was working on.
Plus, I just loved the option of being able to bring a single card to my desk and return it when I was finished. The absolute best thing about this is being able to throw a card away each time a project is completed! I mean (not to sound dramatic or anything) but you could totally even burn it if you were having a particularly bad day.
Ok, filling in the lined side literally could not be any easier! First, get out your syllabus. Find the assignment. Write down every instruction given (font, spacing, topics, etc). Write each instruction on the lines side of the card. You don’t even have to think about it (unless you want to)… just write word-for-word what the instructions from the syllabus word-for-word!
Once you start working on the assignment, check each instruction off as you complete it.
Bonus: Add the date it was completed to make you feel super awesome and keep you motivated to do more every day!
Okay, and I just have to say that the VERY best part of this system is what it looks like as the semester comes to a close… YAY! 🙂
Do you do anything special to help you keep up with assignments? How do you keep track of your progress? 

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